Check out how Sundays will run differently during the pandemic.  

We are looking forward to meeting in person as soon as possible!
Ethos Regathering Overview

We are excited to worship with you in person. Your safety is our priority, and we’ll be working hard to ensure you and your family feel comfortable and safe while attending.

Here's the summary:
  • We will host a single 10:00am worship gathering at Nationwide Conference Center*

  • All guests over the age of 5 yrs of age are to wear a mask throughout their visit, practice safe distancing of 6 ft

  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be available to guests

  • Rows of chairs in the auditorium will be 6 ft apart 

  • In partnership with Nationwide Conference Center, the building will be kept clean an sanitized 

  • Air fives and waves are highly encouraged 

  • All children and parents will be temperature checked before entering Ethos Kids 

  • All Servant Leaders will wear masks and be temperature checked 

  • Ethos Kids environments will be sanitized and operating at a limited capacity 

You can learn more about all of the safety measures that will be implemented by reviewing our FAQ’s below.


*We realize that not everyone is ready to attend in-person yet. No worries — we’ve got you covered and will continue to live stream our worship experiences online.

Regathering FAQs

I’m not comfortable returning to in-person gatherings yet. Can I continue to be a part of the online experience?

Of course! We encourage you to continue joining us online each weekend. Our weekend worship experiences will continue to be streamed every Sunday on Facebook, YouTube and will be On Demand following on the "Watch" page.

When and where will Sunday morning gatherings take place?

Nationwide Conference Center // 10:00 AM

Initially, we will host a single 10:00 AM worship gathering at Nationwide Conference Center*. Additional gathering times will be communicated as they are added. Please follow us on Instagram for the most up-to-date information.

*Ethos will continue meeting online through Facebook and YouTube live at 10:00 AM, and On Demand following. Please consider following Ethos on Facebook and YouTube.

Will Ethos be limiting the capacity of their buildings?

Yes, we are limiting our capacity to ensure social distancing in our auditorium and overflow areas. As the local, state, and federal guidelines evolve, we will update our seating limitations accordingly and keep you updated.

How will Ethos practice social distancing on Sunday?

We will have dedicated Service Hosts to help seat you and any guests on Sunday morning to help ensure safe social distancing. Additionally, we will be seating every row 6 feet from the next row to keep a safe distance between families within the auditorium. Additionally, we ask to have 2-3 seats between each group seated in the same row. We ask that every individual practice social distancing while in the lobby or common areas.

Will I need to wear a mask?

We will be following State of Ohio and CDC guidelines by asking all guests over the age of 5 to wear masks throughout their visit. We are closely watching local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure all recommended safety precautions are implemented to ensure your safety.

How is Ethos cleaning its facilities?

In partnership with Nationwide Conference Center, we will conduct regular cleanings between gatherings to ensure proper sanitation. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout Nationwide Conference Center.

Will restrooms be open?

Yes, all restrooms will be open and will undergo routine cleaning.

Will Ethos be screening those who attend in person?

Temperature checks will be required for all our staff, servant leader teams, and all children attending Ethos Kids. We ask everyone to use good judgment. If you are feeling ill or have a family member who is feeling ill, please stay home and participate in our live-stream online experience.

Will there be Ethos Kids available for my children?

Yes. However, classrooms will slowly be opened over time. Our plan is to first open the elementary rooms and communicate with parents when additional rooms are opened. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your children while you attend the worship experience. To receive Ethos Parent updates through the Remind App, text “@EthosKid” to 81010

Can my kid(s) join me in the worship experience?

Yes. Any child who is not in Ethos Kids on a Sunday morning at Nationwide Conference Center will be invited to join their parents for the worship experience. Children joining their parents/guardians will receive an activity bag before entering the auditorium.

What safety precautions and procedures can I expect for my children?

When classrooms are open, Ethos Kids will be taking several precautions to keep your kids and our servant leaders healthy and safe:

  • Masks and temperature checks are required for all Ethos Kids servant leaders.
  • Temperature checks are required for all children and parents during Ethos Kids Check-In.
  • One parent will be allowed in the Ethos Kids area for drop-off and pick up to limit traffic.
  • We are asking that all kids (grades K-5) wear a mask. All other ages will not be asked to wear masks.
  • Hand sanitizing will be offered and encouraged before entering the Ethos Kids area for all servant leaders, parents and kids.
  • Room capacity limits will be set to provide adequate social distancing.
  • All non-essential items from home (like toys and blankets) will need to stay in the hallway or in your vehicle. Essential items include; baby carrier, diaper bag, bottle and other items to care for a child.
  • We will be sanitizing rooms, surfaces and toys frequently. Items placed in the month of a child will be placed aside to be cleaned and sanitized before use of said item by another child.
  • Our servant leaders are washing their hands and/or sanitizing often, and we’ll encourage your child to do the same.

If I choose not to attend in person, will there still be an online curriculum from the Ethos Kids ministry?

Yes, you will still be able to find resources for your child online. Go to the "Church Online" page.

Is there an experience for my Junior High or High School Student?

Ethos YTH, our weekly experience for students, will continue to meet in person the first three Tuesdays of each month at 7:00PM. To receive Ethos YTH updates through the Remind App, text “@EthosYTH” to 81010.

I’m new to Ethos Church; how do I get connected?

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to fill out a connect card, text “EthosNEW” to 94000 and we’ll be in contact with you. You can also join us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected to the Ethos community.

How can I continue giving?

During this time, we will not pass offering buckets. We will be encouraging digital giving. You can give online on the "Give" page or text any amount you’d like to give to 84321, then follow the link in the message you receive.

What is Ethos Church doing during this time to serve the community?

As always, we’re committed to meeting the needs of our communities locally and around the world. To serve our city through COVID-19, we have supported local businesses, launched a grocery giveaway, provided relief domestically and internationally, partnered with local organizations to serve the city, and engaged Ethos servant leaders in I Love My City Projects.





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