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Regather Plan

From our Lead Pastors


We like to ask: "What does love require of me?" Our love for Jesus compels us to do what is best for our community and neighbors.

Instead of gathering in a large group, we will gather in community groups through fall of 2020.

We have a long-term vision, not a short-term plan. Our mission at Ethos remains the same - to love people in Jesus' name.  For the fall of 2020, we will not be thinking about regathering in a large group on Sunday mornings.  Instead, we are meeting in Community Groups for an online Sunday experience.  We're doing this so that we can ensure the safety of our Ethos family and our community.  But remember ... Jesus is still building His church … and He’s doing it through you, me, and the people all around you. 

Ethos, our best is yet to come!

Hey Ethos:

There is a lot of uncertainty in our nation and in our world right now. But uncertainty is why the world needs leaders. It’s why your family and community need you. At Ethos, we have responsibility to people – leadership is stewardship. And we don’t take that lightly. 
Earlier this summer, we decided to begin gathering again in person on Aug. 16th … at that time COVID numbers were moving in the right direction. That has since changed. Consequently, we couldn’t ensure your safety or the experience of gatherings that we are all used to at Ethos. The restrictions are cumbersome and difficult and then add in that we still set up and tear down each week, it’s very challenging for our Servant Leaders. So at this time, we don’t have a date for regathering.

For fall of 2020 (at least until December) the plan is to meet in "Community Groups." A Community Group is when two or more people meet together to discuss the Sunday message/talk, what they learned, and how it applies to their lives. Group members can watch the online worship experience together during their Community Group meetings or separately before they meet. Each week, groups will be provided a Community Guide that includes a summary of the message/talk, a guided prayer, and discussion questions. Community Groups meet for a 12 week term. Some Community Groups will share a meal, snacks, or coffee together.

After lots of prayer, conversations with other pastors in our city, speaking with our Stewardship Team and Directors, I am fully persuaded … We are not only going to survive this; we are going to thrive on the other side of this. We are going to continue to serve, give, and build community. 

We're in this together! 


Jordan & Courtney Smucker

Fall Plan

Fall Plan

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