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Ethos 101 - 301
Online Learning
About Ethos

Who we are, why we exist, and how to become a part of the Ethos family.

New Here? Start Here!

We are so excited that you are choosing to learn about us and considering becoming a part of the Ethos family. Start here, and work straight down through this webpage. You'll find a 3-part series. Ethos 101 and 201 are online courses with a video and guided notes. After you complete those, the last step is Ethos 301 (which will be held in person). We can't wait to meet you and get to know you!

How it works:

  1. Scroll down to begin Ethos 101. Watch the video, use the worksheet, and follow the prompts to complete the next steps.

  2. Move on to Ethos 201. Repeat the same process.

  3. Ethos 301 is the final step. 301 will be held in person, and details are at the very bottom of this page.

Ethos 101
Ethos 101

Why does Ethos exist?

Start 101 Here

In Ethos 101, you’ll hear the story of Ethos Church from Pastors Jordan and Courtney Smucker, experience the heartbeat behind Ethos, and get a look at the finance allocations from a member of our stewardship team.

During the video, follow along with the 101 worksheet. Download below.

Watch this 18-minute 101 video.

Ethos 101
Play Video

Thanks for watching. Scroll down to the action item below to fill out a quick form and to sign up for our weekly newsletter. In our newsletter, you'll find upcoming events, links to watch past messages, and more! 

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Awesome. You're ready to move on to 201.

Ethos 201
Ethos 201

What is Ethos?

Start 201 Here

In Ethos 201, you’ll hear the "what" behind Ethos. We'll take a look at Sunday mornings, groups, kids/youth/young adult programs, justice & outreach efforts. And you'll start to get a feel for how you might get involved.

During the video, follow along with the 201 worksheet. Download below.

Watch this 13-minute 201 video.