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MAY 15

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We are the church, wherever we gather. Right now, we're meeting in person and live streaming here on Sundays. If you are not yet comfortable meeting in person, we encourage you to watch online with family and friends! 

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Here’s a weekly way to connect with your Ethos family.  Watch live on Sundays - YouTube or Facebook. Then, use this guide to discuss with your group and teach your kids.

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MAY 15

Each Sunday that you come together with your Community Group, we encourage you to spend time centering on

God’s presence through worship, learning from the scriptures, praying, and just spending time together. 


Weekly Application

  • TAKEAWAY: We must adopt the teachings of Jesus on money and adapt the teachings of Jesus on money.

  • HEAD CHANGE: Everything I have is available to others.

  • HEART CHANGE: Everything I have is a gift from God.

  • LIFE CHANGE: Jesus’ teachings on money are not only right, but they are the better way to live.


Over the past few weeks, we have been unpacking God’s vision for everything that’s been entrusted to us so that we may become more like Jesus in generosity and stewardship. Money is spiritual, and the enemy’s plan is to take away the freedom God wants for us in our finances. We often believe the lie that having more money will make us more secure, or that the things we own define who we are, or that our stuff belongs to us. This way of thinking will lead to confusion and complications but Jesus’ teachings on money are not only right but the provide a better way to live.


“Wherever your treasure is there the desires of your heart will also be.”
-Matthew 6:21 (NLT)-

Discussion Questions

  1. How did this message challenge your perspective on generosity?

  2. In what ways have you seen God move in your life as you have been obedient to practice generosity? How have you experienced the reality that it’s more blessed to give than to receive? If you are new to tithing/giving, share a time that God provided for you as you stepped out in faith?

  3. Read Matthew 6:19-21 together with the understanding that “Heaven” is the place where God is moving or wanting to move on earth. How does this change the way you think about, “storing your treasure in Heaven”?

  4. Jordan said, “What’s the best gift you can give God? It’s the one that He told you to give.” Have you taken time to ask God what a next step is for you in practicing generosity? If not, take some time this week to do so. Don’t share anything you aren’t comfortable to share but is there anything that God has been telling you to do that your group can pray with you about?

Close in Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for showing us in your Word how we can experience peace and blessing in our finances. We confess that we have often gone our own way with our money and recognize that Your way is better. Today, we commit to putting You first in every area of our lives. We trust that as we give You our first, You will do what we cannot and Your kingdom will continue to expand in our hearts and in the world. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

See you next week!