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A Year Long Bible Plan

Imagine if we all did this as a church - an entire year, feasting on the story of Jesus, who declared himself “the bread of life.” Imagine our character being primarily formed not by society’s algorithms of outrage but by the non-anxious presence of Jesus. This is the opportunity we have before us.

So here’s the simple invitation: We want to read through the New Testament and pray through the Psalms together in 2024 - journaling through the text as family, wrestling with the same passages, asking questions and being drawn into a daily encounter with Jesus. Each day, we want to set aside our best time to immerse ourselves in the scriptures. When the alarm clock goes off, before we turn on our phones, get the email download, or check social media, we want to carve out space to breathe in the truth of what God says over us, letting his voice be the most formative voice in our lives. Rather than eating the bread of anxious toil as the Psalmist says, we want to eat the bread that truly satisfies. This is how we will become agents of kingdom renewal in the places we live, work, and spend our time.

May we become, as the Psalmist says, like a tree planted by streams of living water, sustained by the presence of God, providing shade for a weary city, and producing fruit that speaks of a better story.

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Looking to purchase the BREAD journal?

Visit us on Sundays to purchase a journal that you can use to follow along in this plan.

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