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Everyone has a next step. What's yours?

We believe that God has a plan, a place, and a purpose for you. We'd love to help you know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. Whether you’re new to church, new to putting your trust in Jesus, or want to get involved at Ethos – we can help you take your next steps. We're in this together!

1. Follow Jesus

Wondering what it means to follow Jesus and know God? Following Jesus is a journey, and we're in this together.

4. Ethos 101-301

Get involved at Ethos and (more importantly) learn how you can discover purpose and make a difference.

2. Get Baptized

There is power in the public declaration of your faith in the life-giving work of Jesus. Talk with us about baptism or register.

5. Serve on a Team

Everyone wants to live a life filled with purpose. Make a difference by being part of something larger than yourself.

3. Join a Group

We believe groups are the best place to find freedom, be yourself, and build enduring relationships.

6. Give

The generosity of the church helps create more opportunities for others to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Questions? Send them our way.

Thanks! We'll respond soon.

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