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14 Days of Prayer
Praying in Unity For & With Our Ethos Family
August 2nd - 15th

"How bold and free we then become in His presence, freely asking according to His will, sure that He’s listening. And if we’re confident that He’s listening, we know that what we’ve asked for is as good as ours."

- 1 John 5:14-15 (MES) -

What is the 14 Days of Prayer?

We are entering the fall season unified in prayer for and with our Ethos family. We will pray for ourselves individually, for our church family, and for all those outside of Ethos. Each day has a specific prayer topic (downloadable below) that we believe connects deeply with the heart of God. As we pray together, in agreement with one another, we have no doubt that God will move mightily on our behalf to accomplish His will. During these fourteen days, when you pray together as a family or on your own, follow along with our Sunday teaching series, "Prayer For Normal People", to learn and grow in your understanding of prayer. Remember, effective prayer is not reserved for the overly spiritual or theological Jedis...keep your prayers simple, keep them honest, and keep them consistent. Follow @ethos_oh on Instagram or for daily reminders. 

The purpose of 14 Days of Prayer

God is not interested in us practicing religion; instead, He desires a relationship with us. Even more, God loves for us to talk with Him. Fourteen Days of Prayer is a way to connect with God personally, ask for His guidance and wisdom, and lean on His provision. And as a community, 14 Days of Prayer is a great way to be united in prayer as we believe for God to move in our lives, community, and nation. "Lord, use us in such a way that is utterly disproportionate to who we are."

How do I participate?

To begin, download the 14 Days of Prayer card below and follow the daily prompts laid out for each day. Next, find a quiet space, set your phone aside in an effort to create a distraction-free environment, and take a few moments to pray. In your own words, use the prayer prompts and scriptures for each days prayer point and boldly trust God to do through prayer what we could not do on our own. Consider taking another step of growth by journaling or writing out your prayers on paper. Journaling is a great tool that is often absent from our daily relationships with God, and it often increases our faith in God's faithfulness. As you begin to look back one month, one year, or ten years from now you are able to see the things you prayed for and wrote down in your journal coming to pass in your own life. Remember, it is not the length of your prayers that matters, but rather the fact that you prayed is what the Lord is smiling upon. And when you miss a day, or two, or three, no worries, pick it up again tomorrow. You are loved by God not because of what you do but because of who you are, a son or a daughter of God. 

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