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Your generosity is making a difference right here in our backyard.

I Love My City projects are how we serve our city, and there’s a lot to love about our city. We celebrate the successes of all the individuals, businesses, schools, and community organizations that are contributing to our common good. We’re better together and we can't do this without the help of all of our partners and you as well!​


Upcoming Projects

Serve Columbus // July 15th 

We have another great opportunity to serve OUR city and impact people's lives! Join us on Saturday July 15th, as we partner alongside other organizations to serve our city together! 

Registration at

Consistent Projects


Lifeline Meal Packing

Helped prepare meals for children and families who are impacted by hunger and malnutrition across the world.


Grocery Give

Help aid food scarcity happening around our city by serving and delivering groceries on a regular basis.


Teach Pizza-ppreciation

Showed value and appreciation to the teachers and staff of our local school districts with a free pizza. 

Past Projects

Check out all of our past projects here!

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