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Advent // Hope

Advent // Hope

On the first week of Advent, we wait AND we prepare. We wait for the world to be as God intends it, the world as it should be. We wait for a world free of injustice, pain, and suffering. But it is not enough to simply wait, we must also prepare. Preparation goes beyond dreaming and invites us to participate in building a better world. As we wait and prepare, we look ahead to the hope of a better world that comes because of our partnership with God, not in spite of it. This preparation is a holy act of hope. In a culture obsessed with power, control, and immediate change, hope can seem inefficient and risky. Strategy dominates dreaming, cynicism dominates imagination, and what has been overshadows what could be. Unfortunately, hope cannot be manufactured out of thin air. It must be chosen and cultivated. When we choose hope, we choose vulnerability, risk, and the possibility of disappointment. We hold tension as we expect things beyond our present moment. This type of hope coupled with courage is the fulcrum to change. We look back to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to find an example of this combination of courage and hope. In the Advent, Jesus has a human body to come through because a courageous young woman believes in God’s justice enough to courageously say yes to what seemed impossible. Ethos is a life-giving community committed to keeping Jesus at its Center. Our vision is to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did so that we may love all people in Jesus' name. Small Groups:
Advent // A King Was Born