Ethos will be constructing an “Everything but Sunday” facility. This multipurpose space will host generational gatherings; Ethos YTH Nights (grades 6th-12th), Ethos Young Adult worship nights, and allow us to launch kids and family experiences including those with special needs. The building will have a designated space to grow the Grocery Giveaway and other Local Outreach initiatives as we further our partnership with the local school districts, Neighborhood Bridges and other organizations. It will provide plenty of space to host Team Nights for all of our Servant Leaders, create an environment to facilitate faith conversations with seekers, skeptics and starters through Alpha, and provide meeting space for Ethos Groups.



The vision of the multipurpose space is to be a missional community space – a space IN the community and FOR the community. A long time ago, Southern Delaware County made the decision to be a “living room” community with no stores. As a result, our community was left without a center gathering space in the heart of the community. To serve the community and provide a space for community to occur. We plan to open a nonprofit café and coffeehouse with a mission to serve excellent products and create an environment for healthy relationships to flourish and for faith based conversations to be initiated. All proceeds will go to amazing organizations who are making a difference throughout our great city in Jesus’ name, such as but not limited to She Has a Name, Out of Darkness, The Bair Foundation, and the Ethos Grocery Give.  Additionally, we cannot wait to open the building to organizations we love to partner with like Young Life.

21 01-26 Ethos Church_Master Site Plan (2).jpg


The Master Site Plan outlines a two-phase strategy for the nine buildable acre property. The Phase One multipurpose space is highlighted yellow and the Phase Two Sunday facility being highlighted orange. 


The first level floor plan has designated rooms for; a cafe & coffee house, local outreach, classrooms, and large group gatherings. There is a large patio on the north end that will lead to an open lawn area where we can host outdoor events.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 3.09.03 PM.png
21 01-26 Ethos Church_Presentation_with notes_sm_Page_4.jpg


Take a closer look at the multipurpose space and  Phase Two floor plans next to one another. The Phase Two drawing is a placeholder and is subject to change to meet the future needs of the Ethos family. 

The pictures to the right provided Ethos inspiration to designing the multipurpose facility. 


The exterior design of the building is simple and clean to match the aesthetic of the surrounding area. The building's many windows allow for guests to enjoy the beauty of the property and brings in plenty of natural sunlight. 

21 09-20 3D Renderings_Page_2.jpg
21 09-20 3D Renderings_Page_3.jpg


The back patio has a covered porch with ceiling fans to create an enjoyable outdoor gathering place. The back of the building opens up to a large green space for events and gatherings to expand and utilize the fullness of the property. This is going to be great for all of our Ethos YTH activities and summer camps. 


Upon entering the lobby, you will be greeted by an accent wall communicating Ethos values & culture. And to the left, you will find the Ethos Outreach Grocery Give to demonstrate how the vision and mission of the building is to be FOR the community. 

21 09-20 3D Renderings_Page_4.jpg
21 09-20 3D Renderings_Page_5.jpg


The Cafe & Coffee House provides an opportunity and reason for people in the community to meet and gather in the facility. And all proceeds from the business will go to support and fuel local organizations in our city who are making a difference. This would only be open during the day.


The 2,600 SF multi-purpose space offers daily meeting space for the Ethos team, YTH, Ethos YA, as well as the greater community through the Cafe & Coffee House. The open room will allow us to facilitate large group ministry and gatherings. Additionally, the conference room space(s) open up to the multi-purpose room to add an additional 400 SF for events. 

21 09-20 3D Renderings_Page_6.jpg



After much prayerful consideration with the Ethos leadership, we feel God’s leading to own a facility of our own as a stake in the ground in the community. For the past three years, we have setup and torn down temporary and one-time rental facilities, and a permanent facility allows us to best serve the Ethos servant leader teams, the ministry of Ethos, and the overall community.


And practically, we are in need of additional space to create community gathering space for the Ethos Family. We have outgrown the Ethos House (located off Lewis Center Rd., which we intend to sell) where we have been hosting Ethos YTH, worship rehearsals, team meetings, and has housed the Ethos offices. Additionally, there is limited inventory and zoning restrictions for rentable Team Space in the area. 



Ethos owns nine buildable acres of undeveloped land on Africa Rd. The property is  near Alum Creek Dam and The Sanctuary at the Lakes neighborhood. The address to the land is 6576 Africa Rd., Westerville, OH 43021 with an entrance on the south end of the property. 


Delaware County has plans to build an exit off of 71 to Africa Rd in the coming years which will make the Ethos land accessible to people traveling from any part of Columbus.



Ethos has had the privilege to partner with some fantastic, local construction partners throughout the building process; M+A Architects has designed and are completing the drawings, The Kleingers Groups are our civil engineer firm to ensure the building fulfills all of the Delaware County and Orange Twp requirements, and Elford Construction is our General Contractor and Construction Manager. 


Ethos plans to pay for the construction of the building through cash on hand, the continued generosity of the Ethos Family, and potentially borrowing from a church lending institution. Our hope and prayer is to have the ability to pay cash for the project, while also having conversations with a lending institution to evaluate healthy borrowing capacities.  


Prayer is our first response, not our last resort.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” –  Ephesians 3:20


“And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8


God, thank You for the vision You have entrusted to Ethos and the land you have provided our community. We ask that You would build Your church and provide the proper resources and relationships to fulfill Your vision for the Ethos land. None of this is ours, it's all yours, and desire for you to use it for your glory.


Use me, God, to play a part in building for all people. Help me to see how I can make a difference through prayer, generosity, my network, and servant leadership. 


Holy Spirit, give Ethos wisdom and guidance throughout the building process. Allow us to see when, where and how You are working and what You want us to do to remain in step with You. 

"Lord, use me in a way that is utterly disproportionate to who I am."


Ask God for wisdom throughout the process, for provision to fund the project, and over the ministry impact that will occur within the building.


A servant leader team who are using their gift of generosity through Ethos to make a difference in the Building: For All People Project.


Use your trade skills to execute finishes for the building. We are discussing and considering inviting the Ethos family to execute the following building items ourselves; painting, laying title, landscaping, and more.


Ask God what He would have you give towards the mission and vision of Ethos. 


Connect Ethos with vendors and organizations you know to help complete the project. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind the Ethos Land?

It has been the vision of Ethos to be permanently planted in the community we serve with a permanent facility as well as having adequate space for the Ethos family and ministry. Thanks to the generosity of the people of God, Ethos owns the land outright. The property was entrusted to Ethos through the merger with North Church in 2019. The Leveque family had sold the property to the church at a significant discount as it was their mother’s prayer for the property to one day have a church on it.

Have we looked at renting or purchasing other facilities in the area?

Yes. We have researched and have worked with real estate brokers to explore existing buildings that we could rent or purchase. There is a limited inventory of existing spaces to meet the growing needs of the Ethos community and vision as well as zoning restrictions preventing a church to occupy or lease the space.

What about a Sunday facility?

A Phase Two Sunday facility is in the overall plans for the Ethos Land on Africa Rd, and has be penciled in on the Master Site Plans. Constructing the Multipurpose facility as a Phase 1 allows Ethos to complete the majority of the sitework development (earthwork, carrying utilities to the property, roadwork, & 1/3 of parking) which accounts for a large cost on building on the property. The Sunday facility on the Master Site Plan is subject to change as Ethos continues to grow and change. Currently, we have earmarked space for a 550-600 seat auditorium, ample kids classroom space, a large foyer for connection & community, a commercial/catering kitchen, and office space.

What is the purpose of a multipurpose space provide?

The purpose of the multipurpose facility is to be an “Everything but Sunday” building for the Ethos family as well as the greater community. The building offers us a space that is in the community and for the community. The space will be used for: – Ethos YTH – Ethos Young Adult – Small Groups – Men's & Women's Events – Team Nights – Ethos Offices – Special Needs Ministry – Alpha – Ethos Leadership College

Will the Café & Coffee House generate revenue?

Yes. The Café & Coffee House will generate revenue that will be intentionally invested back into our great city. Every cup of coffee, every pastry, every juice, every product purchased is an investment in furthering the vision of other organizations who are making a difference for the Kingdom of God.

How are we approaching building process?

The building process is being overseen by the Stewardship Team and decisions have been made in unity among the team. Our bylaws require that we cannot use greater than 35% of our operating budget toward facilities costs. This keeps us in a financially healthy place and ensures that our budget is focused on intentional areas of ministry.

What is the timeline for construction and fundraising?

Ethos is fortunate to have fantastic building partners throughout the process. Elford Inc. is our General Contractor and has projected 30-45 days for sitework development with a 5-month construction timeline.

Based on construction wait times and winter temperatures, we have been advised by Elford to wait until March at the earliest to begin site development on the property. Leading up to the beginning of site development, Ethos will not be conducting a traditional or formal Captial Campaign. However, there will be opportunities for everyone to give towards the Building: For All People Project.

When is Phase Two Sunday Facility be built?

We are approaching each Phase of the Master Site Plan one at a time. While we are currently focused on the Phase One multipurpose space, we do have a Sunday facility penciled in on the Master Site Plan and will strategically pursue construction of a Sunday facility as our budget and finances allow.

Will the price of the Multipurpose facility construction change over time?

When we are ready to begin construction, Ethos will receive a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) from Elford, General Contractor & Construction Management. Once the GMP is agreed upon, the price will not exceed that number but the price could decrease based on the market.